Solidarity Statement: Condemning Uganda's Anti Homosexuality Act and Standing with Key Populations


Kampala, 29th May

The Uganda Key Populations Consortium (UKPC) stands in steadfast solidarity with the key populations community in Uganda, including our valued LGBTIQ+ members, in the wake of the recent assent to the Anti Homosexuality Act by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. We condemn this regressive legislation, which not only undermines the principles of equality, dignity, and human rights but also perpetuates discrimination, stigma, and violence against marginalised communities.

At UKPC, we are dedicated to advocating for the health, human rights, and socio-economic justice of all key populations. Our mission is to build a community of united voices that seeks to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all Ugandans. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

Richard Lusimbo, the Director General of UKPC, passionately stated, “The passage of the Anti Homosexuality Act is a grave injustice and an assault on the fundamental rights of our LGBTIQ+ brothers and sisters. This law serves to further marginalise and discriminate against a vulnerable community that already faces immense challenges. We refuse to accept such injustice and will continue to fight for their rights and well-being”

The enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill represents a significant setback for human rights and equality in Uganda. This bill not only criminalises same-sex relationships but also exacerbates discrimination, prejudice, and violence against the LGBTQ+ community and all its allies. Such legislation undermines the principles of inclusivity, respect, and dignity that every individual deserves, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We call upon the Ugandan government to reconsider the ramifications of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and engage in dialogue with LGBTQ+ organisations, human rights activists, and international partners. It is essential to foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and respect for all members of society.We urge policymakers and lawmakers to engage in open dialogue, driven by empathy, respect, and a commitment to human rights. Only through understanding and acceptance can we build a society that is truly inclusive and supportive of all its members.

To the key population community in Uganda, we say: you are not alone. We stand with you in solidarity, resilience, and unwavering commitment. We will continue to champion your rights, amplify your voices, and strive for a future where diversity is celebrated and embraced in all its forms. Together, we will overcome the barriers of prejudice and build a society that values the humanity and worth of every individual.

In unity and solidarity,

Richard Lusimbo

Director General, UKPC